'7/G' trailer: Sonia Agarwal haunts Smriti Venkat in this horror thriller

'7/G' trailer: Sonia Agarwal haunts Smriti Venkat in this horror thriller

Sonia Agarwal, Smruthi Venkat in stills from '7/G'

Sonia Agarwal, Smruthi Venkat in scenes from '7/G' | Photo Credit: MRT Music/YouTube

Trailer of upcoming Tamil horror thriller, 7/gStarring Sonia Agarwal and Smrithi Venkat, the film was released by the makers today. The film is written and directed by Aaron.

The trailer begins with a couple, played by Smriti and Siddharth Vipin, arriving at their newly bought flat. As expected, several eerie events take place on the seventh floor she lives in, which eventually turns out to be a spirit trying to chase the couple out of their house. In an unexpected turn of events, Sonia Agarwal's character is also haunted by the spirit, and in the final moments of the trailer, the spirit takes over Sonia's character to get its work done.

7/G also stars Sneha Gupta, Roshan Bashir and Subramanyam Siva in pivotal roles. It is noteworthy that the title of the film seems to be inspired from Sonia's hit film The 7/G. 7/G Rainbow Colony, Directed by Selvaraghavan,

Apart from acting, Siddharth has also composed the music for the film, which has cinematography by Kanna and editing by Biju V Don Bosco.

Director Aaron is producing this movie too under Aaron's Dream House banner.

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