Anurag Kashyap reveals how Ranbir Kapoor played a “problematic” man in Animal without being “politically” correct

Anurag Kashyap reveals how Ranbir Kapoor played a “problematic” man in Animal without being “politically” correct

Anurag Kashyap reveals how Ranbir Kapoor played a 'problematic' man in 'Animal' without being 'politically' correct

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Remember when Anurag Kashyap shared a post on Instagram calling Sandeep Reddy Vanga the “most misunderstood, judged and maligned” director? Well, the filmmaker has once again spoken out in support of his contemporary. In an interview Janice SequeraAnurag said that Sandeep's Animal The film was criticised because the lead actor of the film, Ranbir Kapoor, played his role with utmost conviction. He said, “Why did the film become difficult? Because everybody's favourite (Ranbir Kapoor) played the role and he did it with utmost conviction rather than being politically correct or diplomatically correct or being right about one part of things. He tried his best to play a role of a person who was completely problematic.” For those who don't know, a section of people criticised Animal Criticised for the violence and labelled the film as “anti-women”.

Anurag Kashyap also spoke about his relationship with Sandeep Reddy Vanga and how he too has been “canceled” like him. He said, “I come from a place where I have been cancelled many times. I was cancelled many times. Dev D, Five, Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur. It's very easy for people to cancel someone, but if you have a problem with someone, talk to them instead of attacking them. Instead of making accusations, ask questions. That's why I met him and shared the (social media) post. He is an honest person.” In case you missed it, below is the post that Anurag talked about:

During the same conversation, Anurag Kashyap also praised Sandeep Reddy Vanga and said, “The thing I liked the most is Animal It was then that a stubborn filmmaker went ahead and made a 3 hour and 25 minute long adult film. He fought and got it released in theatres. This takes me straight back to that period Bombay Velvet. It was about 3 hours long and I couldn't fight through it, I was behind. I had to cut it out and raid it myself. Here's what I learned persistent (Stubbornness) Sometimes as a filmmaker, it is not a bad thing. If you look at the nuances, there can be a lot of things, it does not mean that everything about Animal, I support or condemn. No. If I have a problem, I will discuss it with the filmmaker.”

The film was released in December last year Animal It also featured Bobby Deol, Anil Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna and Tripti Dimri in pivotal roles.

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