'Atoko Point': NASA rover finds rare rock never seen before on Mars

'Atoko Point': NASA rover finds rare rock never seen before on Mars

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New Delhi: NASA's Perseverance Rover A specific light color is discovered Boulder In Neretva Vallis But Mars planetAccording to a report by news platform Mashable, the area was once an ancient river channel that fed water into the Jezero Crater.
The boulder stands out amongst the surrounding black rocks and has been identified as a potential rock formation. AnorthositeA type of rock that had not previously been found on Mars.
According to Katie Stack Morgan, deputy project scientist for NASA's Mars 2020 mission, while passing through the inlet, the rover encountered a hill covered with rocks, with one particular rock attracting attention.
“Sometimes, you see some weird stuff in the Martian landscape, and the team thinks, 'Oh, let's go there,'” the report quoted Katie Stack Morgan as saying. “It was like the textbook definition of a [chasing] “A bright, shiny thing because it was so bright and white.”
This rock, called “Atoko Point,” is probably anorthosite, a type of rock found in some mountain ranges on the Moon and Earth, but not previously detected on Mars. Anorthosites are composed primarily of feldspar, a mineral associated with lava flows.
Although the Perseverance rover team noted the significance of this rock, they plan to search for similar rocks on the crater rim in the coming months. Collecting samples from the original context could provide more information.
“The appearance of a rock like Atoko Point is an indication that, yes, anorthosites do exist on Mars, and this could be a sample of lower crustal material,” Stack Morgan said.
Since 2021, the Perseverance rover team has been collecting samples from Jezero Crater, an area believed to have once been home to microbial life.
However, the Mars Sample Return Mission, which aims to bring these samples back to Earth, is also facing financial difficulties, which may lead to the mission being cancelled and new proposals are being sought to save the mission.

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