Bad Cop review: An over-hurriedly made, steadily mediocre thriller

Bad Cop review: An over-hurriedly made, steadily mediocre thriller

Bad Cop review: An over-hurriedly made, steadily mediocre thriller

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The basis of the main plot Bad CopStreaming on Disney+Hotstar and produced by Fremantle India, the film is as clich├ęd as they come. Two identical twin brothers end up on two sides of the law. One becomes a police inspector, the other a petty thug.

Bad Cop This is actually another Bollywood sensational story that has been turned into an eight-episode web series. With the requisite permission from the rights holders, it could have been titled karan arjun 2Yes, the name of the guy in uniform is Karan, the name of the rogue is Arjun.

When the paths of orphaned siblings cross again, the inevitable happens. Big trouble ensues and the lines between thief and cop are broken. One fateful night, during a police action at a Mumbai ferry terminal, the brothers, raised in an orphanage and vowing to live and die together, are both injured.

After a shootout, a thief who witnessed a murder at a Pune hotel finds himself in trouble. He is the prime suspect. Struggling to outsmart a special investigator assigned to find the culprit, the thief becomes caught in a web of lies, deception and divided loyalties.

Adapted by screenwriter Rensil D'Silva from the German RTL television show Kriminal Gut, the Aditya Dutt-directed crime drama series – the streamer has released two episodes, followed by one every week – is dizzyingly frenetic and frustratingly wayward.

Bad Cop It is a very hastily made, stiflingly mediocre thriller that falls into a trap of its own making. It jumps from one thing to the next and is unable to see the forest between the trees. (This review is of only six of the show's eight episodes, so one never knows if the show will get better or worse as it moves towards its climax).

Lead actor Gulshan Devaiah is very good in the dual role. He doesn't miss a trick and gets into things completely. But the stress of working around a story that is itself full of restlessness and hysteria takes a toll on parts of his performance.

To save himself, Arjun, one of the two characters played by Devaiah, a lawbreaker, pretends to be someone he is not. In the process, he has to deal with everyday cop Devika (Harleen Sethi, as good as she was in Kohra), who is the wife and boss of Bhai, who stands on the side of the law.

Devika is separated from her husband, but stays with him in the house for the sake of their daughter (Kaya Ingle). Arjun has a beautiful partner in crime, Kiki (Aishwarya Sushmita), who sometimes drops by and haunts him.

Kiki wants Arjun to abandon his mission and flee with her to a safe place. But he stays there because he is determined to find out why Detective Arif Khan (Saurabh Sachdeva) thinks he has a hand in the murder of a journalist.

This elaborate deception and creation of false hopes is meant to provide a thrilling, cat-and-mouse game with danger lurking at every step, but it never quite translates into anything that could be considered entertaining.

Anurag Kashyap has been cast as gangster Kajbe, who runs his underworld enterprise from inside prison without any legal constraints. He is a hot-tempered, foul-mouthed bad guy, unlike any Hindi film.

The mafia pounces on anyone who comes within earshot of him. His favourite punching bag is his nephew and henchman Raghav (Deepak Kamboj), the only son of his sister (Grusha Kapoor in a cameo).

Clumsy Raghav misses an important task. This sets off a chain of events that make matters worse for Arjun, Devika and Arif. When things go awry and a valuable item goes missing, Kazbe has a trump card.

The search for Kazbe is, of course, just one of the many quests that make up the story of Bad Cop. Arjun is on his own mission, one of secrecy and discovery, and so is Arif Khan. Arjun is determined to prove his innocence. The latter is hell-bent on getting his journalist-friend's killer punished.

The first few episodes of Bad Cop Sporadic glimpses into the activities of gangs of elephant poachers and ivory smugglers. The jungle looters send their illegal loot to Mumbai. Who these people are and how they do their business is something Arjun will have to find out once he has stepped into the minefield.

Bad CopIt is an action drama. There is no dearth of thrills and chases. But, due to the mechanical, formulaic manner in which the film is made, the technical details displayed in it are of a purely superficial kind.

The series, which is only light-hearted, is not able to give the audience a chance to fully understand what is going on. For a thriller, pace is usually a commendable thing, but when it is not controlled properly and allowed to run amok like it is here, pace can prove to be counter-productive.

Burdened by its many contrivances and the obstacles they create, and despite a remarkable performance by Gulshan Devaiah and able supporting performances by Harleen Sethi, Bad Cop It creaks more than it cracks.


Anurag Kashyap, Gulshan Devaiah and Harleen Sethi


Aditya Dutt

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