SpaceX loses Starship rocket after reaching space for first time

SpaceX has lost contact with its Starship mega rocket following a series of explosions yesterday during its second test flight.

The two-stage rocketship blasted off from a launch site near Boca Chica in Texas and travelled over the Gulf of Mexico.

It had been hoped that the Starship would reach an altitude of 150 miles before plunging into the Pacific near Hawaii 90 minutes after lift-off.

Mr Musk, who owns SpaceX, shared footage of the moment that the rocket took off and in the caption on Twitter, said: “Magnificent Machine with a 1000 ft plume.”

It had originally appeared to be successful but it exploded a short time later.

SpaceX’s livestream host John Insprucker said: “We have lost the data from the second stage… we think we may have lost the second stage.”

The first attempt ended in an explosion earlier this year. 

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