Study reveals link between gut microbiome and neurodegenerative diseases

Study reveals link between gut microbiome and neurodegenerative diseases

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New Delhi: A new study has suggested that Gut microbiome plays a vital role in the initiation and progress of something Neurodegenerative Diseases (NDD)
NDD, which has no known cure and whose causes are unclear, causes irreparable damage to the brain and nervous system, according to the study published in the journal American Society for Microbiology.
A team of researchers has reported a new link between a metabolite produced by gut microorganisms and 3 NDDs in humans.According to their investigation, Metabolite DHPS (2,3-dihydroxypropane-1-sulfonate) could help answer important questions about how Sulfur metabolism pathways The microbiome may be linked to these disorders.
In their study, the researchers aimed to identify the distinctive bacterial and metabolite profiles of the gut microbiome in individuals suffering from one of three NDDs: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer's disease (AD), and Parkinson's disease (PD).
To gather data on the early stages of the diseases, they collected stool samples from diagnosed patients during their first two visits to the specialist and then compared the analysis of those samples to samples collected from healthy individuals. The researchers found 19 metabolic biomarkers for neurodegeneration in all 3 NDD groups, as well as 20 unique ALS markers, 16 unique AD markers, and 9 unique PD markers.
The study found that those shared biomarkers included metabolites that have been linked to dyshomeostasis in sulfur metabolism pathways. The researchers also found links to Bilophila and Desulfovibrio. Bacterial taxa In all 3 disease groups, bilophila plays a role in the synthesis and breakdown of DHPS. According to the researchers, Bilophila can break down DHPS into hydrogen sulfide, and the accumulation of hydrogen sulfide has been implicated in mitochondrial dysfunction, which is known to contribute to NDDs.

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