Tahira Kashyap on women facing mom guilt: 'Ayushmann and other men should feel the same guilt' | Hindi Movie News

Tahira Kashyap on women facing mom guilt: 'Ayushmann and other men should feel the same guilt' | Hindi Movie News

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After a successful career writing and directing short films, tahira kashyap He is all set to enter the world of feature films with his first directorial film. Sharmaji's daughter.movie, starring sakshi tanwar, divya duttaAnd Saiyami Kherexplores the lives of three people women From different age groups and backgrounds, each facing unique challenges in a busy metropolis.
As she prepares for the release of her film, Tahira The social pressures on women in recent times have been discussed, particularly the widespread “Mom Crime“This arises when they prioritise their careers over family responsibilities. Sharing her experience, she questioned why men, including her husband, Ayushmann KhurranaHe is rarely asked about balancing work and family.
“I was talking about this one day that we ask women how they manage everything when they have kids,” Tahira told the Indian Express. “I really wish that Ayushmann And other men were asked, ‘How do you manage to shoot three movies with two kids at home?’ They must feel the same guilt that women constantly feel.”

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She further added, “Women have this mindset that they always feel guilty about choosing their work over their kids. I chose a meeting over my kids' PTA. I have made these tough choices. I remember missing my son's first performance in a musical play because of a conference. Thankfully, there were three shows, so I managed to attend one. Despite the external judgement, the guilt is always there.”

Tahira emphasised that these questions should be asked to men again and again. “I just want to know what is the nature of men. These questions should be asked to them again and again because obviously, they don't feel guilty. We should keep asking them till they feel guilty, because women are already guilt-ridden.”
'Sharmaji Ki Beti' will stream from June 28.

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