“Whatever I said is not related to Ranveer Singh”

“Whatever I said is not related to Ranveer Singh”

“Whatever I said is not related to Ranveer Singh”

Jim Sarbh shared this photo. (Image courtesy: jimsarbhforreal)

New Delhi:

Jim Sarbh recently clarified that his previous statements about actors and their “exaggerated” processes did not belong to him. padmaavat co-star Ranveer Singh. This clarification by the actor came after nawazuddin siddiqui He slammed those who criticise an actor without knowing his process. Another actor Prashant Narayanan also mocked Ranveer Singh's statement in which he spoke about getting immersed in a dark mind while playing the role of Alauddin Khilji. padmaavat,

For those who don't know, an old video has gone viral on the internet (once again). Jim Sarbh He can be heard saying, “There are some actors who say, 'I got so into my character that I needed therapy for weeks after that.' I said, 'Shut up bro. You didn't even know your lines that day, what nonsense.'”

This statement has come after this incident. Ranveer Singh Jim revealed that he has isolated himself at his home in Goregaon to play the role of Alauddin Khilji in Padmaavat. As soon as the video went viral again, social media users understood that Jim's comment was for Ranveer.

Now Jim Sarbh has issued a clarification on the matter and shared a note on his Instagram handle. The note reads, “I feel almost absurd to clarify this, but since people are spreading these videos and articles: nothing I have said is attributed to Ranveer Singh.” The actor clarified that the viral video was a promotional video for Ranveer Singh. Made in Heaven Season 2 And said that it has been five years since Padmaavat was released.

He added, “I only have great things to say about Ranveer as a co-actor — check it out. I still do.” Jim further added, “This is not an attack on the process. I love the process, and I love actors. The video is making fun of actors who exaggerate their process. I'm sure you've all come across people who talk more about their work than how they do it. I can't wait to shoot the next article or video from my shoulder.”

He concluded his post with a humorous dig at the speculation video, saying, “I don't usually respond to speculation videos and articles because they're boring and I think people know better. Of course, like some of you, I guessed wrong.”

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